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At the 2017, Latin Grammys Rubén Blades said he wanted to work with a band he recently discovered called Making Movies, setting into motion their first collaboration, No Te Calles, a calling to all artists and the general public to speak out against corruption.

Inspired by the poetry of Blades on “No Te Calles”; Making Movies entered the studio and dreamed up ameri'kana, an "oldies" station from the future, where the injustices sung about are long gone. The album's genre-breaking sound pulls from Latin music as well as rock'n'roll, which Making Movies attests are one and the same: without the influence of Latin music in North America, jazz and blues would have never been born, nor would its successor rock'n'roll. ameri'kana marks the band's sound and mantra: "ROCK'N'ROLL IS LATIN MUSIC," they are as inseparable as the continent itself.

Track Listing

  1. Cómo Perdonar (ft. Rubén Blades + Flor De Toloache)
  2. ameri'kana
  3. Making Movies & Rubén Blades - Delilah
  4. Rebelión (ft. Flor De Toloache)
  5. Pedacito De Papel (ft. Asdru Sierra)
  6. De Paisano A Paisano (ft. David Hidalgo)
  7. una tierra
  8. Making Movies & Rubén Blades - No Te Calles
  9. Patria (ft. Frankie Negron)
  10. The Wake of the Fall (Nibiru)
  11. 23 de septiembre 2017
  12. Tormenta (ft. Las Cafeteras)
  13. una despedida
  14. Tired of Giving In (ft. Flor de Toloache)