Architects | Border Wars Ep. 2

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BORDER WARS, a concept album and comic book.

The culmination of nearly two years of blood and sweat-sodden labor, Episode II was composed while consuming tens of thousands of cigarettes and thousands of midnight hours to bring fans the biggest, coolest experience possible. Planned as an episodic five part series, Border Wars is told through a collection of comic book stories illustrated by Mallory Dorn and soundtracked through the accompanying CD by The Architects.

Cheap Trick-influenced and conceptualized in the spirits of The Who, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, My Chemical Romance, The Architects have shift their focus from making albums to creating storylines. BORDER WARS tells the story of Tom and Josie, two kids from a tiny town in southwestern Texas. Their backgrounds could not be more different. Tom is the only son of a wealthy televangelist minister. Josie is a runaway, currently employed by meth cooker. Their paths weave and interact with the city’s corrupt sheriff and his reality show, an ex-cartel boss on death row, hookers, scumbags, mob lawyers, crooked senators and a pair of wise morticians, culminating into a blood-soaked denouement.