Hot Club of Cowtown | Black Beauty CD (by Elana James, 2015) *Autographed*

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Black Beauty *autographed*
2015 / Elana James / Snarf Records

Elana’s second solo album.

1. Only You
2. Who Loves You More
3. High Upon the Mountain
4. Ayriliq (“Separation”)
5. Hobo’s Lullaby
6. Reunion (Livin’ Your Dream)
7. All I Need Is You
8. Eva’s Dance 
9. Ripple 
10. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 
11. Telephone Man 
12. Hey, Beautiful: Last Letter from Iraq (Us Army Staff Sgt. Juan Campos)
13. Waltz of the Animals

Please visit our Bandcamp page if you’d like to download this album digitally.