Architects | Border Wars Ep. 1

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BORDER WARS, a concept album and comic book.

Equal parts epic album, visual artistic expression, and heavy storytelling, BORDER WARS is a breathtaking series of five connected episodes told through a collection of comic book stories and their accompanying soundtrack releases. The concept album is the culmination of nearly two years of blood & sweat-sodden labor, consuming tens of thousands of cigarettes and thousands of midnight hours to bring fans the biggest, coolest experience possible. Set to release in five episodic forms, the band was able to cram Border Wars with a multitude of quality tracks without the constraints of adding any “filler.”

When The Architects joined forces with illustrator Mallory Dorn, an enviable project was born. Accompanying the music part of the “project”, Dorn's vivid artwork illustrates this first installment of the serialized novel.